Hey there!

I’m Germaine Ttran.
A Storyteller using visuals to capture special moments and the nuances of life that we miss out on in our everyday lives. I’m an expert at social branding, a nerd with it comes to business contracts, and my obsession is transforming my imaginations into creative and engaging pieces of content that stir thoughts and emotions.DSC03198-2

Native to the small city-island nation of Singapore, I’m most likely found travelling in style to yet another undiscovered corner of the world, whilst telling a visual story of my travels, fashion must-haves, and lifestyle, capturing one frame at a time. Behind my cheerful nature and gummiest smile, close friends know me well for my spunky personality. Weird habits: working on my contortion flexibility (I know! I’m weird like that!), twerking (poorly) in my PJs, and tucking myself tightly under the covers so things can’t get me. My happiest days are spent doing creative things and spending time behind my gadgets sharing my secrets with the world. 

Instagram is kinda my thing; Let’s hang out @Germaine.ttran!
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To get us acquainted, here are some other fun facts about me:

  • In my element when I’m by the ocean
  • Friends and family often joke that if all else fails, I can rely on my insane flexibility to either join a circus troop as a contortionist or cast a role in a horror flick and bend it like “The Last Exorcism”
  • I have a photographic memory, wild imagination, and a natural flair to pick up languages
  • My superpower is my eerily dead-on 6th sense
  • I love doing creative things, whether it is food styling, or photography assignments, or doodling, or scheming to re-decorate my home, or conceptualising the storyline to a photo/video production, or editing images and videos, the list goes on


What lights me up? Helping people to own their inner goddess / warrior and feel less alone. ‘Cause sometimes when we’re knee deep in our daily struggles, it can often feel like the four walls start closing in on you and we loose sight of our enough-ness and this journey feels hella lonely and our only friends are called “Kettle Chips” (and they conveniently come in the flavour of Honey Dijon, anyone?). If I can be that permission granter in your life that whispers, “you really can do this” while the rest of the world is provoking doubt…then I’ll consider my job done.


If I’ve sparked an interest in you thus far, you may like to follow me on my socials such as this Blog (by subscribing to my newsletter below), my Instagram, and my YouTube channel; as I share with my lifestyle and all that I’m passionate about while I take on the world!

Love, Germaine


(In The Press: My photography have been published in UK Harper’s Bazaar Feb’19 and Mar’19 issues, a 10 page Editorial spread with HelloBali print and e-mag for April’19 issue, 7 page spread with VUE magazine for their summer issue, & 14 page interview on Le Bélier magazine for their Oct’19 issue. Read about it here!)