Sweet Charcuterie Board for Valentines Day

Valentines Day is almost around the corner… How fast does time fly!

Gone are the days that I spend a great deal of time or money prepping for and planning a big day out for Valentines day. I used to go ALL OUT (with my money and plans) on a spa date, special day out, or a couple of Gold Class tickets to some new movie screenings coupled with presents to boot. These days, call it old age, but I seem to have lost the spark for planning an all out Valentines date!

Let’s just say, I’m more than contented to be cozying up at home with the A.C. on full blast, lying under the covers, and catching up on the New Releases on Netflix with my other half. So to spice things up and make Valentines day a teeny wee bit more romantic, I’ve put together a Sweet Charcuterie Board for Valentines day.

Whether you are shacked up with an adoring partner or flying solo and throwing a GALentines Date with your gal pals, I’m no one to judge! This Sweet Charcuterie Board will come in handy for either one of those occasions! Read on to find out, How to Assemble Your Own SWEET Charcuterie Board…

How to Assemble Your Own SWEET Charcuterie Board:



I’ve personally gone with the scheme above. I knew that I wanted to keep it mostly cream and predominantly baby pink in color, so that was at the top of my mind before I started shopping for sweet treats!

2. Shop for Big and Small Items


You want to shop away to your heart desires, yet making sure to keep to your pre-selected color palette, lest you return home with a bunch of favourites, but a color palette that is all over the place. The trick to making this sweet charcuterie board work so effortlessly is the color palette. So while you’re shopping and if you are in a predicament about your selections, always go back to your color palette. If it doesn’t match your color palette, it is likely that you might have to remove that treat from your shopping cart. Also, the rule of thumb is to grab some large items (like biscuits, chocolate bars etc.) and some smaller items that are in abundance so that you can fill out the board. Trust me, the hardest and most time consuming part is the shopping. Once you’ve gotten this out of the way, the rest is easy peasy!

3. Start arranging the BIGGER items first


Start with the bigger items in your purchases first. Lay them however you like! Don’t worry about the spaces that are void for now, just go with how you feel. Remember creativity has no place being right or wrong, so go with whatever your heart tells you! If you really are lost, I would suggest to use color as your gauge. (E.g. In my instance, I laid them in a parallel orientation and I went with pink in the centre, as I wanted the pink to be attention grabbing!)

4. Start filling out the void


I went ahead to fill out the void with the smaller items like the Pocky sticks, Cranberries and almonds, and the Crispy M&M’s. There wasn’t a specific order I was following, again, I went with what felt best.


IMG_0370And TADA, there you have it! Your very own SWEET CHARCUTERIE BOARD for Valentines Day!

Hope you’ve enjoyed these tips and I’ll leave you with a quick video that shows you how to do the same as the above! Xx

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