Glamping by the Sea, Singapore

Three weeks ago, I had the delightful opportunity of experiencing Glamping for the very first time and furthermore, it was in my home country, Singapore.

Glamping is a term coined after “Glamorous + Camping”; offering modern luxury and comforts of home to a traditional camping experience. The principle of Glamping is for guests to enjoy the camping experience completely effortlessly, minus any hassle of transporting a tent, pitching it, bringing their own cooking equipment and then dismantling it and taking it home.

Sounds attractive and hassle free? Sure did for me! Being a city slicker always craving for that next escape to collect new experiences (not to mention, capturing something noteworthy for my social feeds), glamping sounded like an absolute treat! After all, with absolutely no camping experience, I wouldn’t know where to begin to even pitch a tent! To be brutally honest, if I was ever caught in a situation where I was lost in the wilderness, I wouldn’t be able to keep myself alive, even if my life depended on it – and that my friends, is the extent of my outdoor survival skills. I love being in nature but I’m have not been one to opt for roughing it out in the wild (not that I won’t, but rather living in the city simply means that it’s not a choice I’d have to make on the regular). Hence, when I was presented with a glamping opportunity with Glamping City, I was more than thrilled!

Glamping City set me up in a Couple Deluxe tent and even threw in an additional outdoor picnic lounge! The camp site was located by East Coast Park and facing the sea. The perfect setting to enjoy views of the beach while listening to the waves crash in as the sun sets. The decor of the tent was absolutely dreamy, think bohemian meets minimalist chic! It was a large cozy bell tent for 2 person and consisted of a queen sized air mattress with fresh linens, throw over and pillows, rattan pouf, indoor and outdoor carpets, a nightstand. Clearly, Glamping City had thought about everything, there was even an ice cooler filled with fresh ice, battery operated fan that lasts for 14 hours, fresh towels, 1 bicycle (upon request), fairylights (with new batteries) and board games. There are even customisable add-on options on for special events, themes and set up, for you to opt for to suit every occasion! The few things left for one to prepare for the event are your personal belongings, snacks and food for the duration of your stay.


Since I love all things avocado, apart from preparing fruits and drinks on my own, All The Batter provided an assortment of healthy sweet and savoury avocado treats in bite sizes for the day. These treats were freshly made from avocado and included the mini fresh avocado milk balls, avocado yogurt fruit tarts and premium fresh avocado smash tarts.


Now I see why glamping is all the rage – this makes for a suitable adventure/experience gift ideas for bucketlisters! Furthermore, this would make for a creative gift idea on special events/days and create lasting memories to look back upon. With Valentines day approaching, this may just be up your alley!


Hope you enjoyed these images as much as I did in my little escape from the city!



This post is done in collaboration with Glamping City and All The Batter. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.







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