How to make the MOST of the remaining days in 2017?

Straddled between this odd phase of being post-Christmas and pre-New Year, I thought it would be therapeutic, by making the most of the remaining days in 2017, to prepare for the New Year. We all know, once January knocks on the door, the days will start to slip by and we end up finding that we’ve already missed the boat on resetting our mindset for 2018.

How many of you have fallen into this this trap? I certainly have, on too many occasions. So in order to be refreshed, recharged and ready to take on 2018, here is my rundown of 8 Things To Do Before the New Year :

1. De-clutter and Reorganisejeff-sheldon-264922I’ve always believed that a cluttered home leads to a cluttered mind. By the same notion, a well organised home creates a healthy environment to cultivate a stress free environment that helps the mind do creative work (in my line of work) or the ability to focus. Now, post-Christmas coupled with a full year of consumerism, my bedroom is officially a nightmare! Clutter isn’t just physical. Unnecessary emails, files and apps from my computer and phone built up over time causes a digital clutter that affects my ability to think straight. My solution to a cluttered mind is identifying all the things that I haven’t used all year and getting rid of them. The whole idea is to have these items removed so that you can start reorganising. Donate items to charity, sell them on eBay or Carousel, just don’t hoard them at home because no amount of reorganising is going to help!

2. Finally cross off that one unfinished item on your to-do list that has been there longest time  thought-catalog-214785.jpgProcrastination isn’t something that sits well with me. Even then, I’m still left with that one last nagging item that I have yet to check off. This year marks the expiry of my car registration and I’d have to make a decision of whether to deregister my car (aka Francois – yes, i named my car, he has been my faithful companion for the last 10 years) or continue to renew the registration. Something that I have managed to put off for the last 6 months, to the point of almost forgetting about it. I think I’ve almost reached the right decision on what to do with Francois. What about you, have you checked off that last unfinished item you set out to complete for 2017? It’s not too late to start on it!

3. Stop making BIG Resolutions for the New Yearjordan-whitfield-112404Who can relate to making BIG dreams or goals for the New Year, because you are reminded of Norman Vincent Peale’s quote on “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” ? While this quote inspires action, I’m not a fan of making BIG resolutions that are vague, abstract or unattainable. Some people are inspired into action (great for you! perhaps inspirational quotes work because you are the master of your own fate), some keep working on themselves little by little towards the direction they want to reach (consistency is key!), and others simply hope to scare themselves into action with BIG resolutions (they don’t really intent to keep). I’m sure all of us have at least fallen into one of those categories before? Nothing to feel bad about, the whole point of failing is to learn a better way! But it’s time to recognise that BIG resolutions don’t scare us into action, it works the opposite way. Take for example, if you’ve not been to the gym all year round and with the New Year around the corner, you’re compelled to force yourself into action by making a BIG scary resolution, such as, I want to have 8 pack abs by 2018. I’m sorry (not sorry) to deliver you some news, you will fail at this attempt (I would too!). Why? If you want to see a change, you’ll need to start with action. Change can occur anytime within the year! If you are tired of your procrastination and inaction, you can choose to take action, ANYTIME. Hence, to sit around at the end of the year to “plan” an action, it really doesn’t make any sense, does it? Stop waiting around till this time of the year to draw up BIG resolutions (you know you won’t keep) or buying into an expensive gym package to guilt shame yourself into taking action, simply start by action!

4. Start setting short term attainable goals mark-adriane-259950Instead of setting BIG resolutions, start with setting short term attainable goals. It could even be a weekly goal setting. Tying this back to the above example, if your goal is to become fitter (notice I didn’t set an unattainable goal) for the new year, start with setting goals like make it to the gym at least twice this week. This could be a good start! Ideally, you should be setting easy to reach goals that you can attain. Ultimately, attaining these goals lead to positive emotions and inspires further action!

5. Buy a new paper organiser stil-326695.jpgThere are times we convince ourselves that we are organised enough to remember all those important birthdays, social appointments, work deadlines etc. More often than we’d like to admit, sometimes work,  school, daily responsibilities, and life happens and it takes a toll on our minds. I like to clear my mind by planning ahead the tasks I need to accomplish for the day and pen them down. It not only helps to clear my mind, there is that ohhhh so satisfying feeling of striking them off one by one! Start your day, week, month off on a right foot by buying a paper organiser before 2018 comes around.

6. Read a good bookimg_6282-1.jpgI have a penchant for reading self help books towards the end of the year to give me clarity and new perspectives. Just a few weeks ago, I found a #1 International Bestseller at the Bangkok Airport that I want to share with you. Typically, when it comes to self help books, I don’t like reading those with a step-to-step guide/theories on what to do. Instead, I prefer those where the author is writing from a first person point of view and provides examples that draw relevance to the topic at hand. I highly recommend welcoming 2018 with this book by Mark Manson as it is about finding what’s truly important to you and letting go of everything else. I loved that it is written in a brutally honest (never falling short of expletives) way less the airy fairy shenanigans you’ll find in some self help books. While reading this book inflight, a lot of times I found myself cracking up and other times gripped by Mark’s honesty that boldly confronts our values, truths, faults and uncertainties. In the book, Mark promises you that “This book is not some guide to greatness – it couldn’t be, because greatness is merely an illusion in our minds, a made-up destination that we obligate ourselves to pursue, our own psychological Atlantis.”. Oddly enough, when I’d finished the book I found it to be about greatness and hope; filled with optimism and empowerment.

7. Take an entire day to yourself DSC_0897Go on a staycation or spend the day at the spa. If you have been working hard all year round, this is the best time where you get to celebrate your accomplishments! You deserve it, so go for it!

8. Thank those who’ve been supporting you throughout the whole yearjessica-bristow-355974.jpgThis is the best time to be showing your thanks to whomever supporting you through the last year. Plan a dinner, cook a nice meal or organise a retreat for all these people close to your heart. Even something as simple as saying, “Thank you” will be appreciated.

With that said, let me take this opportunity to thank you for all your support, well wishes for the new year and following me on my socials! Truth be told, I’m always puzzled and pleasantly surprised by your viewership, likes, comments and follows (just an ordinary girl documenting her love for travel, lifestyle and fashion)! I wouldn’t be here without you and each of your support is deeply appreciated. Looking forward to creating more content and providing more valuable insights for you in 2018!

How will you be spending the last few days of 2017? Leave me a comment on my socials, I’d be keen to know!


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