A day in Ubud, Bali

Almost every year, I visit Bali around Christmas and New Years as an escape from the traffic and madness that takes place in my home city. Lounging around by the beach and in the resort has always been my top choice. This year, I made a trip to Bali in May and decided to explore the nature that Ubud has to offer.

I’ve always wanted to visit Ubud but never could muster enough energy, from the night before’s partying, to wake up early enough for such a trip. This trip I’d planned on an itinerary that was mostly less visited by tourists, so if you are one for the wild and untouched (So untouched that according to my driver, the spots I pick are completely unknown to him and the Balinese people)…

Scroll down for my gallery of these untouched locations in Ubud:

por 2-1por 3-1Tegalalang rice terrace (the only touristy spot; try to come at 7am to get the whole field to yourself)por 5-1Bali Pulina (for a Kopi Lewak experience) waterfall1-1rocks2-1waterfall2-1waterfall mergedTibumana Waterfall (the best kept secret of Ubud, completely untouched with few to none tourist; 2 waterfalls here. Venture further in for the large waterfall seen in my feature image)ubud-1ubud 4-1Cafe Pomegranate (one of a kind, rice field experience while having a meal in the middle of a paddy with 360 degree views to die for under a white canopy; hard to find but totally worth the effort! Located after Ubud Yoga House)


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