Recent Travels – Sydney sneak peaks

Hey Y’all,

Being my very first blog post, I can’t wait to flood this page with loads of visuals. But, I shall hold back on that to bring you a carefully curated pictures of my travels. In the last couple of months, I’ve revisited some old favourites such as Bali and Bangkok for a short weekend getaway. More recently, I’ve just returned from my first ever trip to Sydney! For some who know me personally, you’d know that there was a time when I lived in Melbourne for a good 2 years. I guess, I must have been so contented with Melbourne because I never did travel out of the state to check out others! So there you go, my first ever trip to Sydney and I enjoyed every single minute of it! From the city to the beach and the mountains, I felt that there was much to explore and so limited time! I would like to dive into great details about all these recent trips & more! But first, I leave you with a sneak peak from my Sydney trip…



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